[clug] A plain text file that isn't, how do I convert it?

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Fri Oct 31 04:42:55 GMT 2008

On 31/10/2008, at 14:26 , Paul Warren wrote:

> <97> instead of - (but should be an em dash I beleive)
> <93> and <94> instead of "

0x97 or 0222 representing — (em-dash)
0x93 representing “ (left double quote)
0x94 representing ” (right double quote)

That is Windows Latin 1, to the best of my knowledge (as opposed to  
ISO Latin 1). I shudder to think what everyone's mail readers have  
done with those symbols I've inserted ;)  I expect that my Apple Mail  
client is using UTF-8.


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