[clug] Cleanfeed

Rob Bolin rob at unigon.tv
Wed Oct 29 02:45:21 GMT 2008

Two points that don't really add to the discussion, though I thought I'd 
1) it's obviously becoming a mainstream issue - Prime's "The Morning Show" had 
a couple of minutes on it this morning, complete with an EFA talking head.

2) I just received a response from Nick Minchin's office (I cc'ed my letter to 
Sen. Conroy to both his shadow counterpart and my local member (Alby 
Shultz)). It seems the opposition "fully supports guarding our children from 
being exposed to inappropriate internet content and is of the firm belief 
that parental and adult supervision and guidance should be front and centre 
of all efforts." The letter only included promises of making "a considered 
assessment (of the trial) based on its outcomes. This will include analysis 
of the specifications and performance of the filtering methods tested."

Having now contributed to a dying thread, I'll crawl back into my box...

"Human errors can only be avoided if one can avoid the use of humans"
    -- Parnas and Clements "A Rational Design Process: How and Why to Fake it"

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