[clug] Another thought on Cleanfeed

Neill Cox neill.cox at ingenious.com.au
Tue Oct 28 21:51:38 GMT 2008

I'm looking forward to them using a proprietary MS Windows based solution
that will be an immediate target for every would be 1337 haxx0r in the

Malformed zip archives, malicious jpegs, wmfs with executable content :)

Should be heaps of fun.  Crash the great firewall of Oz for mad props :)

Of course the people running this will be competent enough to avoid all of
these possible security problems, so these idle daydreams will come to


On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 3:08 AM, Sunnz <sunnzy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Well the web isn't just text, there are pdf, doc, mp3, etc... how can
> a proxy possibly know every format in existence? How would it
> determinate what file type something is, say you created a ODT file,
> putted it into a truecrypt encrypted container, rename that container
> to something like porn.mov and send it along? Would the proxy try to
> see if it can read the mov file as a Quicktime file, or would it
> simply try to interpret the would bit stream as ascii? Oh yea talk
> about .mov, it is just a container file, one can use any codec inside
> of mov, again, it could be a video and/or audio file... so it could
> have the sound of "go go power ranger" while having kiddie porn in the
> video of an unknown codec...
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