[clug] Thinkpad T40 dual boot problems

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Tue Oct 28 01:46:21 GMT 2008

David Cottrill wrote on 27/10/08 4:37 PM:
> Doesn't use 8MB of space at the end of the partition? Standard XP as far as
> I can tell. It is a recurrent bug that I find.
> Generally I think Jason is right,  the only real variance is that in my
> opinion, for a Windows install you have to use the Windows tools to create
> the base partition layout, and the NTFS partition for Windows. It just works
> better.
> My usual partition table in a dual boot environment is
> sda1 /boot
> sda2 /windows (ntfs)
> sda3 /
> sda4 /swap
> with Windows installed first. The Linux installer is made to work around
> Windows, the Windows installer is not so kind.
> The Ubuntu forums are usually great for this so by all means consult them.
> David

[Oops, not to list last time]

Be warned,
the Windows XP layout for my T43 was:
 - sda1 = recovery (at start of disk)
 - sda2 = NTFS/XP (rest of disk)

For Vista on a T61
- sda1 = NTFS/Vista (rest of disk)
- sda2 = recovery (at end of disk)

The Vista partition has a number of constraints - like being on a 1Mb

I used Ubuntu live disk to successfully shrink NTFS on both XP and Vista.

The Recovery area is a Windows distro, but I didn't look at
FS format...


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