[clug] Cleanfeed. Other Comsequences.

Paul Matthews plm at netspace.net.au
Mon Oct 27 12:33:10 GMT 2008

G'day all,

Mark. Nice letter.

There are another set of /*possible*/ consequences that no-one has touch
on with the Cleanfeed proposals.

Does a false positive block rate of 3% mean that 3% of Amazon's book
catalogue will be un-viewable? If so, will people assume it is because
Amazon is selling illegal stuff. How many customers will Amazon lose?
For how much will Amazon sue the Australian Government for illegal
restraint of trade?

Going to www.theage.com.au involves 106 http requests, with a 3% error
rate the chance of getting the whole page is only 97%^106=3.69%.

Since anti-virus updates and OS patches all flow over http. What does
not receiving 3% of them mean to the security of the normal household PC?

Won't a 3% false positive block rate cripple games such as Puzzle
Pirates that tunnel over http. People paid subscriptions fees to play
this game. Does the Government plan to refund this money.

With a 70% slow down you can forget about playing on-line real time
games, MMO's etc all. People have poured hundred's of hours into their
avatars, guilds, corporations .. how much is that worth .. wow! lawsuits
galore [*] ..

[*] Yes, that was a bad pun.

Fools ignore complexity. Pragmatists suffer it.
Some can avoid it. Geniuses remove it.

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