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Peter Barker wrote on 27/10/08 11:46 AM:


Thanks for the comments.

> Hmm.  Is "public domain" the correct (lack-of-needing-a) licence to use?
> You give an example of perl, which is *not* public domain :)

I was using 'public domain' in the sense that the work is publicly
viewable... As in "released into the public domain, but rights
reserved".  Perl is freely downloadable, but subject to a (liberal) license.

Versus proprietary code which is *not* generally available and is
covered by restrictive licenses, harsh penalties and often vigilant
enforcement of those conditions. Like AT&T and System V source code.

I wasn't getting into definitions of "Open Source" and the many
variations on the theme. Don't want a war :-(

> I'd point out that it's the *Australian* public funding it, not the
> "World" public - so retaining some control over the software may be
> called for.

Perl is freely available - but subject to a license.
Larry built it when working for NIST - and the policy was "you can give
it away".

I don't think we are saying anything different, but I stand to be corrected.


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