[clug] OT: Protesting the proposed clean feed?

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Sat Oct 25 01:54:09 GMT 2008

Grant Baldwin wrote:
> The underlying question here is what is the publication model of material on
> the internet (yes, we're back there again), complicated by the international
> borders crossed. Is the internet analogous to TV or print media, where there
> is a publisher who can vet all material prior to delivery, or is it
> analogous to a large mail order system where the end user needs to consider
> the appropriateness of what they're ordering (or is it indeed a new
> paradigm?).

You hit the nail on the head. Even though the Internet has been around 
for a number of years most don't quite know what it is, and, thus how to 
regulate it, if at all.

For a simple model: There's really three parts the producer, the 
consumer, and the transmission. The transmission resembles most closely 
the telephone or postal service. I think the postal service analogy is 
better as packet map to packages quite easily mentally as others have 
already mentioned. And, you can have TV shows sent to you as DVDs, voice 
as recordings on tape or CD, etc just as you can on the Internet. This 
avoid the confusion of the courier/carrier somehow being responsible for 
the actions of the producer or consumer which is where I'm sure part of 
the current confusion lies. Too lump everything in one basket called the 
Internet lacks the resolution to solve the underlying problem.

If a minor orders pornographic material through Australia Post from one 
of the stores in Canberra will they go after Australia Post or the store 
that sold it?

Given that the produces of "objectionable material" are quite often 
outside the juristicion (sp?) of the Austrialian govt. the pollies are 
left scratching their collective heads over what to do and produce 
(potentially) knee jerk reactions which are short sighted.

Preaching to the choir,


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