[clug] OT: Forking to LNG for cars

Ian Bardsley ifb777 at tpg.com.au
Fri Oct 24 06:19:04 GMT 2008

steve jenkin wrote:

> Using the 'follow the money' principle, Govt. would be actively opposed
> to this because they can't collect any fuel excise.
> regards
> stevej
> [1] CNG - Compressed Natural Gas
Yer dead right Steve

So, all of the cooing and wooing from The Hill about how serious climate 
change is, is just poli speak for "There aint nuthin in it for us". So 
why don't we tell Mr and Mrs Average Australian that we're going to 
protect them from the perils of the internet which will either confuse 
them or cause some debate and furor. Either way we can avoid confronting 
another serious issue for a few months. I for one, would be much happier 
if our Federal Minister for Communications focused on making sure that I 
consistently got the upload/download speeds that I am paying for.

This kind of stuff is no different to the development of Linux. The real 
brains in the world saw a problem (the M$ monopoly) and implemented a 
solution. If it breaks, they fix it. They do this because they can and 
not for what they can earn from it.

Smart people make things happen. Dumb people become politicians. The 
rest, including me remain confused.

Bring on the benevolent dictatorship headed by either Dame Edna Everedge 
or Billy Connolly. We might actually get things done!

Avagoodweekend ;-)


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