[clug] OT: Protesting the proposed clean feed?

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Fri Oct 24 02:44:30 GMT 2008

On 24/10/2008, at 13:17 , steve jenkin wrote:

> There is no technology fix (provably so?)[1] for this problem ("kiddie
> safe Internet"), so make the problem a commercial decision for the
> consumers.

Actually, this thought just crossed my mind:

We already have a content classification system for "G", "P", "M", "M  
15+", "R", "X".

So why not just rate the entire Internet as "R"? Then it would be  
illegal to give children access to it at all! Problem solved without  
having to install lots of government censorship :)

Companies like Web Shield[1] or AOL could provide a "cleaned up"  
Internet which could then be rated "P" (for parental guidance).


[1] http://www.webshield.net.au/main.htm

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