[clug] OT: Protesting the proposed clean feed?

Michael Carter mcarter at funnelback.com
Thu Oct 23 02:42:17 GMT 2008

They've done more than the one trial on this.

 From the ACMA trial report that was sent to this list recently 

"The previous trial reported that when filters were connected to the 
test network and actively filtering performance degradation ranged from 
75 per cent to a very high 98 per cent between the best and worst 
performing filter products. In the current trial the corresponding 
performance degradation varied across a greater range—from a very low 
two per cent to 87 per cent between the best and worst performing filter 

> The trial that the ACMA have done, which I believe they didn't use
> MD5, caused a degradation speed of over 80%. From what I have read, if
> you do the maths and find out the speed each end user would have, it
> is about equivalent of a 56k modem... so, without MD5, the internet
> speed is 20% of a 56k modem.
> Keep in mind the test was done in an idea lab environment.
> I can't imagine the overhead it would cause if MD5 or SHA1 was used,
> the bottleneck here is really the CPU, if they are going to calculate
> huge number of hashes on the CPU as well, yea...

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