[clug] Would anyone like to write some code for me please ?

David Cottrill cottrill.david at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 23:15:53 GMT 2008

Hi, go to jrobot.net, it has 'blob' recognition code in C.
I did a similar project at UC involving a laser line, for 2D rangefinding.
I'd be glad to help, once I'm finished the current uni asseesment period.

2008/10/23 Telek, John S <John.S.Telek at team.telstra.com>

> G'day.
>     I'm heavily into robotics and have built a laser range finder using 2
> laser pointers and a USB camera. The idea being that the farther away the
> object in front of the camera is, the closer the two laser dots appear to
> get. You are too close when the dots disappear from the cameras field of
> view. As I can't code amd my math is crap, i'm .....
> Looking for some non commercial open source code to do the  following.
> a) Take the image from the camera and locate the lasers bright spots in the
> image.
> b) Calculate distance information from the relative position of the bright
> spots to each other.
> c) open source it.
> wondering if anyone is interested in this sort of thing and is either
> willing to give it a crack or might already
> have some code that they might be able to share.
> Attached is and image that might help explain.
> cheers,
>   John, VK1JST
>   0419 127 908
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