[clug] OT: Protesting the proposed clean feed?

Ian Bardsley ifb777 at tpg.com.au
Wed Oct 22 11:20:47 GMT 2008

Yo Andrew

I agree entirely. I probably used a bad example here but I do get a 
little peeved when I get blatently ripped off and that is what is happening.

However, I do feel that if something is to be priced out of existence it 
should be via taxation which would benefit everyone ultimately and not 
via significantly increased profit margins for corporate giants and 
ultimately institutional investors. I defer to Paul Keating and 4 wheel 
drive vehicles when he said "Tax 'em out of existence" on this.

So lets take another example of an environmental nature. Australia has 
huge reserves of natural gas. I understand that something like 62% of 
households have natural gas connected. Our government is quite happy to 
subsidise the conversion of motor vehicles to LPG most of which is 
imported and the rest produced as part of the oil refining process. So, 
why can't they subsidise conversion to Natural Gas and the mechanism to 
refill from domestic gas points. As I understand it, running a vehicle 
on gas significantly reduces a households carbon footprint. Could it be 
that the global oil giants would remove their political donations?

Bugger...whats that all got to do with trying to censor the internet. Oh 
I remember, it's a political diversion!

Take care

Andrew Janke wrote:
>> If people really want to make their opinions known to our elected
>> representatives, then try,"Why, now that the price of Crude Oil is selling
>> at around $80 US a barrel, are we still paying around $1.40 for petrol? So
>> by all means swamp them with well worded letters of concern, but on real
>> issues, not pipe dream trojan horses.
> Good point, but IMHO wrong (counter) example.  I wish
> OPEC/BP/Mobil/Shell/etc left prices high and continued slitting their
> throats. I suspect that none of the leaps and bounds that hybrids/plug
> ins etc have made in the past years would have been made without high
> oil prices. (be that artificial or not). To me it's short term pain,
> long term gain (remove our reliance on oil).
> Still, good point.


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