[clug] OT: Protesting the proposed clean feed?

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Wed Oct 22 07:42:45 GMT 2008

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Andrew Janke wrote:
|> Has anyone else found any actual technical details?
| The only doc that I know of is this:
|    http://www.acma.gov.au/WEB/STANDARD/pc=PC_311316
| Most notable: p53, Table4
| ie: completely bypassable with p2p/IM/"custom protocol" which of
| course will all spring up to get around this.

Also noteworthy facts from that review:

1% false positive ('overblocked') rate.  Even if that's just web pages (as
opposed to requests - e.g. images, javascript, css files, etc.) then that's
still one click in a hundred that will be blocked.  Fifteen million people use
the internet in Australia, a hundred clicks a day on average = fifteen million
false positives.  At best, you've just pissed three quarters of the population
off.  At worst, they're now filed away in some ASIO database of suspicious people.

66-75% slowdown of web traffic.  Also note that the lower the slowdown, the
higher the false positive rate - one product only slowed down web traffic by
2% but its false positive rate was >5%.

And the number one problem with it:

As soon as the filters are in place, the copyright lobby is going to be up
there front and centre, telling the minister how much copyright infringement
there is on that nasty old internet thing, and how much it costs the
government (because of all that lost GST revenue), and how they can easily
supply a list of 'banned sites' that are known 'pirates'.  The government gets
to think it's helping people stay legal, and the copyright lobby just starts
raking in the cash and filing the lawsuits.

This is a proposal which everyone should be up in arms about.  Write that
email to Senator Stephen Conroy (minister at dbcde.gov.au) now.  Write your own
words (copying stock letters, while seemingly simple, is in fact painfully
obvious and usually filtered by the secretaries before it gets anywhere near
the Minister.

I have my own twenty-seven page epic ready...

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