[clug] OT: Protesting the proposed clean feed?

Grant Baldwin Grant.Baldwin at anu.edu.au
Wed Oct 22 05:45:22 GMT 2008

> > ... all they are hearing is that the government are saving the
> > children from seeing porn. Now you know and I know that that is
> > about as far
> > from true as you can get, but unfortunately we're not the only
> > people who
> > vote.
> The worst bit is that they're going to stop me viewing porn!

Worse still: One filter, no cup.

Personally, I'm against the idea of filter, opt-in or opt-out, on the basis
that I can't see how it wont result in prejudice against those who aren't
under it. 

Haven't opted it? Must be because you like kiddie porn. Better watch this

Grant Baldwin

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