[clug] Editing PDF Documents

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Fri Oct 17 06:57:43 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 15 October 2008 01:52:10 am Keith Goggin wrote:
> First I needed to "Delinearize" the document and save it under a new name
> to preserve the original. I'm still not completely sure what "Delinearize"
> means but perhaps it's not really required knowledge at this point.
A linearized document is one that start being displayed before it is all read 
in. It is also known as "optimise for web" or similar.

To make a document linearized requires a particular structure (I think the 
main document dictionary needs to be earlier, and some objects are 
re-arranged). I don't know what changes pdfedit makes to "delinearize" 


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