[clug] Various unwanted kit - free to a Good Home

Steve McInerney steve at stedee.id.au
Wed Oct 15 19:45:54 GMT 2008

Morning All,

Have a a few bits and pieces I really don't use anymore. Apart from sheer age
all are (*were*) in working fine condition when last used.

All free to a good home. Pickup in Nicholls:

* Dell Photo 924 : all-in-one scanner/printer jobby. Barely used. Was a Dell
"bribe" for copping p-poor service 2.5 years back.

* 2 x 17" Diamond View CRT Monitors. DV17NF. One has seen a lot of child wear
- the screen's protective coating appears worn off. But still works fine - is
just battered as it were. I think this is the one with the OpenBSD 2.7? 2.9?
stickers on it - may be a nice touch for someone.  ;-)
The other is still is very good condition.
  These were pretty amazing monitors in their day. From memory around $600 each.

* A 2nd hand Ipex 15" CRT monitor. Yeah, is ex-auction. Still works - or did
last I tried - Could be useful as a kids monitor? Shrug.

1st in, first served.

- Steve

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