[clug] Tape spanning with Amanda

Chris Smart mail at christophersmart.com
Mon Oct 13 00:11:03 GMT 2008

Am currently using Amanda to backup some data onto an IBM LTO3
library, 400GB tapes uncompressed. It all works well, except that
restoring a file that has spanned two tapes returns an different
md5sum to the original. *Gasp*

>From memory, I have a file split size of 4GB. The Amanda log says "ran
out of room, trying new tape" or something to that effect. I would
have thought that Amanda would not write that 4GB tarball to the tape,
if it calculated that there wasn't enough space left (at least that's
what the docs lead me to believe) - but it appears to write it anyway,
run out of space, and move onto the next tape.

Has anyone run into this issue before? I'm assuming that it's
something wrong with my config re spanning / tape size set up - then
again it could be normal behavior! :o


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