[clug] Linux Security

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Fri Oct 10 00:43:16 GMT 2008

Robert Edwards wrote:
> David Tulloh wrote:
>> ...  A nice extra feature is that you will no
>> longer be sending your confidential business information around in
>> plaintext.
> Yes you will, just not between your laptop and your ISP's SMTP server.
> From their SMTP server onwards, it will be sent in plaintext. If it is
> confidential, encrypt it before you e-mail it.
Sorry, of course later hops could still be open.  I shouldn't have
suggested otherwise.

Though if the SMTP server is within your business any further stages in
email sent to others within the business should be contained on the
business network.  So there should be practical improvements in security
even though you wouldn't want to rely on it in place of serious measures.


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