[clug] Linux Security

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Thu Oct 9 22:33:48 GMT 2008

I run a mail server using postfix which provides smtp and smtps with 
auth. On the receiving side I use dovecot to provide pop3, pop3s, imap, 
and imaps. I've had amazingly few problems with this set up even though 
it's located out in the wild and not behind any firewalls. The only time 
the server causes me trouble is when a user gets a virus or other 
malware which sends a lot of spam. If you run the server to only relay 
mail for the local host and for authenticatied users you shouldn't have 
this problem as I don't think the malware writers are writing software 
to do authenticated smtp (yet).

As to spam filtering for incoming mail there are a number of solutions 
out there. I'd likely go with a transparent smtp proxy. A name of a good 
one escapes me at the moment, but I'm sure someone else can suggest one.


steve jenkin wrote:
> Daniel Pittman wrote on 11/6/08 10:26 PM:
> Picking up an old thread, I was wondering how people provide (local)
> email access for 'global travellers'.
> It's simple to read mail via webmail, POP or IMAP.
> Sending mail means allowing external connections to Port 25 - which
> creates an open mail relay. Hmmmm.
> Is this solved with just TLS/SSL + user login (and I get busy reading),
> or will using SSH's ability to map a remote port locally be easiest?
> User runs Windows and is not terribly IT capable - the config has to be
> simple and 'set and forget'. Plus be able to suffer others tinkering
> with it if he goes somewhere and it stops & locals get 'helpful' :-(

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