[clug] VOIP advice

Brian bnc at astronomicalresearchaustralia.org
Fri Oct 3 15:50:11 GMT 2008

> I'm thinking of getting the Linksys SPA3102. I think it's the only
> model that supports connecting your land line, so I'll need this to be
> able to receive landline calls as well as VOIP calls.
> Anyone got any suggestions or concerns regarding this?
Yes, you do not need a landline number at all.
When you register with your voip provider they will give you a number.
You get everyone to call that.

>> Always set your dialplan so 000, 18xx and 13xx numbers go via the
>> landline. Two reasons: they should get routed correctly based on your
>> location rather than your VSP's and the cost is the same for 13xx
>> numbers.
It is said that you need a landline for the above numbers in case your 
voip goes down. I thought about this for a while. The reason why the 
landline has been so reliable is that even if you lose power the phone 
works. So you need to ensure that you do not lose power to the phone.

I went to http://www.upsonic.com.au/products.asp and purchased a 650V, 
which is their smallest/cheapest UPS. I have had two power failures, 
never lost the phone. Everything required to make the phone work 
including the router and the wireless link runs off the ups.


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