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steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Oct 2 07:53:43 GMT 2008

Alex Satrapa wrote on 2/10/08 12:52 PM:
> One little idea that occurred to me after Installfest was to have a
> scenario-based "install-off" where we pose a scenario and get teams (or
> just "the mob") to set up a Linux environment to support the scenario.
> For example, a plain vanilla install-off could be to set up a SOHO
> infrastructure consisting of:
>  - DHCP
>  - LDAP
>  - Web proxy
>  - firewall / router
>  - Samba
>  - CUPS
>  - (backup software such as Backula)
>  - Intranet server (eg: Apache web server, some kind of Wiki)
>  - Mail server (SMTP, IMAP) with virus scanning
>  - DNS set up as securely as possible
>  - Monitoring software such as Nagios

I feel incredibly stupid asking this question, so please feel free to
shoot me down :-/
You've had another *great* idea, I would like to see it advance.

Isn't this spec much like 'E-smith' which became Mitel SME Server, now


Many of the main players were Australian.
RPM based distro. [now uses 'yum' based on Centos]

Not sure why they never moved to Debian or Ubuntu Server.
Guess they figured 'yum' & RedHat worked as well.

This was developed before 'webmin'... Admin interface may look clunky
now. Haven't tried it in *years*.

Anyone who's used it recently, I'm most interested in hearing reports.


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