[clug] spdif output for MythTV

Nathan O'Sullivan nathan at mammoth.com.au
Thu Oct 2 07:03:52 GMT 2008

For surround an SPDIF socket can only play AC3 (aka Dolby Digital); for
stereo it will accept PCM which is why your stereo works.

So, you cant just play a 6 channel PCM wav over SPDIF  unless you have
software/hardware to convert that into AC3.

For mythtv this should be fine still, as Digital TV standards include
AC3 for surround

On Mon, 2008-09-29 at 12:52 +1000, Paul wrote:
> As far as mythtv playback is concerned I'm pretty sure that my SPDIF output is ok
> I set the DTS passthru and found a 6 channel video which confirms 5.1 is output correctly.
> Like you I just can't get speaker-test to work, so I don't know if thats normal or just 
> meant to be for std PC speakers ie not SPDIF output to an AMP.
> I have some 6 channel wav files and and having no luck using aplay to playback them other 
> than stereo..
> I think at this stage I'm ready to give up and hope this isn't the cause of my 
> prebuffering problems, but since I've changed to the "SLIM" playback profile ,I've seen 
> less problems with video/audio out of sync.. (the price of HDTV huh)
> thanks
> Paul

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