[clug] New Programming SIG venue - Griffin Centre?

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Thu Oct 2 06:16:26 GMT 2008

Paul Wayper wrote:
>  Hi everyone,
>  A thunderbolt struck me as I was pondering where to try to have the
> next Programming SIG.  The Griffin Centre is right in the centre of
> town, easy to get to, and has a variety of meeting rooms with
> projector screens and so forth.  The only concern I have is that (of
> course) these will cost money - $30/hr to be precise.  I've booked the
> room for two hours (6:30 to 8:30) for this first time and I'm prepared
> to wear that cost myself to trial the location and time. 
> Unfortunately they don't do units of less than an hour.
>  What I'd like to try this time is a donation-based system to cover
> the cost of the room.  We'll work out the real cost per person and
> people can put in more or less than that depending on their
> circumstances.  If we have any money left over that'll go toward the
> next hall hire, and so forth.  If anyone's got any better ideas, then
> I'd be happy to hear them! :-)
>  Let us know what you think,
>  Paul

Thanks for looking into this, Paul. Here is what I think: is $60
per month worth the convenience of meeting in town to have dinner
afterwards? Given that even the PerlMongers meet only had 9 people,
that would be even more than the pizza contrib at CLUG, just for
the venue.

There are a couple of IT firms on Barry Drive and Northbourne Ave.
Anyone have any contacts? What about HP?

What was wrong with the Pancake Parlour last time? They seemed to
have stuffed up our booking, but otherwise, given that you don't _have_
to buy their food, it is not a bad location.

ANU CSIT N101 is still there as a backup alternative. Less convenient
to the food outlets in town, but otherwise very low cost...

Wanting to keep the cost of these things down as much as possible,
Bob Edwards.

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