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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Mon Nov 24 20:41:55 GMT 2008

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jm wrote:
| Paul Wayper wrote:
|> Next month at the December Programming SIG I intend to hack on the
|> Meeting
|> Manager plugin to the Club-In-A-Box system, with the aim of producing a
|> meeting reminder system where the admins can update the template for the
|> emails that get sent out rather than having to specially request it of
|> the box owners via email.
| Do you have a pointer to the version control repository handy? Web front
| end to such? For those of us wishing to take part it would be a  good
| idea to be familar with the code behand.

Hi all,

Just an update to this; I've created a Trac project to help organise work on
this.  Go to http://tangram.dnsalias.net/trac/clubinabox and read all about
it.  The instructions on how to get a login to be able to edit the site are on
there - that login also allows write access to the subversion repository
(which is at http://tangram.dnsalias.net/repos/clubinabox).

Hope this helps,

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