[clug] Re: Anyone want to give a talk for this week's CLUG meeting?

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Mon Nov 24 08:21:45 GMT 2008

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Chris Smart wrote:
| Apologies, I am overseas and didn't update lug-in-a-box.
| I believe Bob is still going to be presenting his talk at LCA 09 and Jason
| Stokes will be presenting on the Inform 7 programming language.
| The last CLUG meeting of the year, so don't miss it!

Well, unless you count my proposal for a CLUG Christmas Barbecue on the 18th
of December.  Speaking of which...

I'm thinking of hosting a CLUG barbecue at my house on Thursday 18th of
December.  The following Thursday I imagine most people will be fairly busy,
so bringing it forward a week seemed like a good idea.  I'll provide bread, a
bit of salad, soft drinks and internet access; people can then bring along
something to barbecue and their choice of hard drinks (e.g. travelling
salesman beer, cryptographically secure spirits, etc.).  Those that inform me
beforehand that they aren't able to bring barbecueables will get some
sausages.  Be prepared to prognosticate on what 2009 holds for Open Source
Software.  My place is in Cook, and is a short walk from bus #10 from Civic or
Belconnen for those public-transport motivated people.  If you ride a bike to
get here, you get an extra beer from me.

Any takers?

Have fun,


P.S. My brothers MythTV machine got cracked the other day - the silly boy left
SSH on port 22 and set the mythtv user up with its default password.  We
caught it about eight hours in - long enough for the script kiddie to find it,
log in and do his stuff, not long enough for any real harm to be done.  It was
amusing, and if people want I talk about how we detected it, what was there
and how we killed it off at some point.  I personally find it amazing that
these morons are still typing commands in manually - you can see his
misspelling.  Interested, Chris?
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