[clug] Intrusion problem

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Mon Nov 24 02:23:40 GMT 2008

Adrian <adrian.blake at ieee.org> writes:

> I had a call from my ISP stating that one or more of the machines on my
> network has been send unauthorised requests to another customer on their
> network.

Did they tell you anything useful, such as what these requests were,
when they occurred, what the destination was, or anything else?

> I have been looking at the log from my router and there are a number
> on entries that I cannot understand.
> Is the someone who can assist to help me understand and possible
> resolve the problem?

Well, probably -- the place to start would be with the technical detail
that your ISP supplied to you, since that will help identify if we /can/
help you.

If they didn't provide those details then this would be the time to call
them and demand such detail, so that you are in a position to actually
resolve whatever problem they allege you are causing.


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