[clug] Multihead DHCP/NAT

David cottrill.david at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 09:40:12 GMT 2008

Our little laptop/router has been powering along for over a year now but 
I've run out of network ports and I need one more - right next to the 
laptop/router, which is physically distant from the switch.

The obvious solution was to jam another NIC into the laptop, but now I 
can't convince the new NIC to work with DHCP - anything here I should be 
looking for?
I've configured /etc/default/dhcp for both cards, added the subnet to 
dhcp.conf, set the new card to a static address that corresponds to the 
new subnet, restarted dhcp (and later the whole box) and I've got... 
nothing to show for it.

Base system is Ubuntu 8.04.

ps: I've made sure the new NIC works by statically configuring the new 
client and checking, then unconfiguring the new client in readiness for 
this to start working. Wireless isn't an option thanks to our only 
internet option being Telstra wireless - which drops out hard if a 
wireless card remains nearby for more than an hour or so.

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