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Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Fri Nov 21 23:05:53 GMT 2008

>>>>> "David" == David Tulloh <david at tulloh.id.au> writes:

    David> I was thinking that making non-subscribers confirm their
    David> message would be more open and still get rid of all the
    David> spam.

Email confirmation systems are bogus.  They usually send their
confirmation request to a faked sender, rather than the actual sender.
That is, they generate too much nuisance mail.

The simplest way of avoiding spam on a list is to simply hold all
messages that aren't from a subscriber and have moderators deal with
them.  All it takes is people's time.  However, spammers can still
post to the list without a problem if they pretend to be a subscriber
- though that seems to happen very rarely on the lists that I'm
subscribed to.

Does the CLUG list really receive that much spam?  Is there more spam
than messages discussing how to get rid of the spam?  ;-)

By the way, my various email accounts received over 100 spam messages
per day last month and I received very few of them in my INBOX.
A summary of my anti-spam measures is at:


peace & happiness,

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