[clug] command line NTLM authentication proxy?

David Schoen neerolyte at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 07:02:34 GMT 2008

I've been using NTLMAPS at work as well, I find it sometimes goes into
"auth-loops" though.
Basically it'll sit there responding to the the NTLM challenge with a
value the proxy doesn't seem to like and just keep retrying until it
_eventually_ (a few minutes) fails and then starts accepting new
requests. I can only tell this because I've packet traced what's
leaving my box to the proxy and it's just the same request over and

Anyone had a similar problem?

I am running it with cygwin's python.

- Dave.

> I feel your pain :)
> NTLMAPS works for me here at work. If you're using Debian and derivatives,
> run 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure ntlmaps' and enter in all the other information
> (like DOMAIN) they don't ask you in the beginning.
> Or, just edit the server.conf file. I needed to set domain, username,
> password, upstream proxy and port. This then works connecting locally to
> port 5865 without authentication.
> SVN+SSH should work fine, SVN+HTTP on the other hand is a little more
> tricky. You need to edit your .svn/servers config and tell it to use
> localhost:5865, etc.
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