[clug] command line NTLM authentication proxy?

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Wed Nov 19 04:52:31 GMT 2008

I'm going spare. My office network is run by a bunch of folks who  
think the Internet is only stuff you can point a web browser at.  
Correction... it's only stuff you can point Internet Explorer 5 at.

As such, I can't get to the web without going through the Windows  
proxy server, and that server requires NTLM authentication for HTTP  
*and* HTTPS authentication.

I've found a couple of wannabe proxy applications, but the only one I  
could get to compile (NTLMAPS) would refuse to authenticate with any  
configuration I was able to tweak out of it.

Which NTLM authentication proxy do you use for command line tools? How  
much success have you had with it?

Alternately, what gotchas have you encountered while trying to use svn 
+ssh access to a Subversion repository?

What about using SSH port forwarding? (I can get this to work, but it  
just feels so *wrong*)

Thanks in advance,

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