[clug] Re: Another git question - git-svn stuff

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Tue Nov 18 23:20:08 GMT 2008

On 18/11/2008, at 18:40 , Alex Satrapa wrote:

> I can svn checkout just fine. I guess one option is to use git-svn  
> to checkout the parent again, then pull the changes from my now-dead  
> git repository, then git-svn dcommit the changes to the Subversion  
> repository.

At this point I have two repositories, A which was created using "git  
svn clone http://svn.example.com/blah", and B created using "git svn  
clone https://svn.example.com/blah". Git complains that there is no  
common commit when I try to merge.

How do I convince git that a particular SVN version number *is* the  
common commit, and to replay the changes that I've made since then? Or  
rather, I'd like to take particular commits from one git repository  
and smash them on top of this other git repository.

So in ASCII graphics we have:

A:  FA---FB---FC---FD---FE---FF

B:  AA

Where FA and AA are the same version of code, just different git  
commits. I now want to take the commits FB..FF and play them on top of  
AA. The "rebase" option doesn't want to work without being used  
against the upstream from which the local repository was cloned. The  
"fetch" option does its best rendition of a NOP. "cherry-pick" seems  
to only want to work inside the one git repository.

My next option is to collect a bunch of diff files and apply the patch  


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