[clug] perl XML::Entities in Debian?

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Tue Nov 18 01:10:35 GMT 2008

"Chris Smart" <mail at christophersmart.com> writes:

> Perhaps you could advise a little further, when running dh-make-perl
> it goes off to the net to download some author ids, but they
> fail. Looks to me like the files have spaces in their names, which
> doesn't work when passed to the ftp programs, i.e.
> "/usr/bin/wget -O /home/matt/.cpan/source/authors/id/Contact Author Oldrich Kruza <
> Sixtease+cpan at gmail.com>.tmp29389"
> Any ideas?

Apparently XML::Entities from CPAN is broken; that is actually the CPAN
shell failing to fetch the package, which is impressively icky.

(dh-make-perl --cpan just wraps CPAN to download the file.)

You can also download the distribution by hand from CPAN, then use
dh-make-perl to create the Debian packaging infrastructure around it.

That avoids CPAN and, presumably, whatever is broken in the database for
that particular author.

Oh, and congratulations on finding a bug I have never seen before. ;)


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