[clug] "Why switching to Ubuntu is a really dumb idea"

Randall Crook rcrook at vtown.com.au
Mon Nov 17 03:09:33 GMT 2008

Its not strange David....

The writer wont admit it, by he does realise one thing. A lot of people 
actually do use those products. They don't pay for the products, but 
they do use them.

I know quite a few people who use nothing but cracked software like 
photoshop. I think you will find that quite a few professionals actually 
use cracked versions of those products too.

He is smart to say progs like that don't work (licensed or not) because 
it will scare quite a few people away from linux.


David Tulloh wrote:
> Chris Smart wrote:
>> http://www.lockergnome.com/eksodos/2008/06/02/5-reasons-why-switching-to-ubuntu-is-a-really-dumb-idea/
> I agree that application support is one of the big issues, most users
> have issues with games though.  The list of applications was interesting.
> Photoshop CS2 - $590 USD
> Dreamweaver - $380 USD
> Fireworks - $297 USD
> This is all very specialised and rather expensive software, they would
> probably only be used by a professional web designer.  Why somebody who
> did that work professionally and who's income depended on specific tools
> would even consider switching to an operating system that wasn't
> supported by them seems very strange to me.
> David

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