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Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 02:07:48 GMT 2008

Given that this was a (good) long running thread in which I learnt a
lot of good things (sudo !! and disown being two stand out examples),
I thought I might just add these two:

   gscan2pdf - Fantastic little python GUI wrapper thing that does a
simple job and does it well. Ever wanted to quickly scan something to
PDF and not have to bother with XSane?

   workrave - For the RSI/tendinitis types. Far superior to the GNOME
"keyboard break" thing.

And then while I am at it, here are some of my favourite (bash)

# die, process die!
alias foad='killall -9'

# start and stop an authenticated shell.
alias k="eval \`keychain --eval ~/.ssh/id_dsa\`"
alias kk="source ~/.keychain/\$HOSTNAME-sh && kill \$SSH_AGENT_PID"

# what is going on?
alias ts="tail -f /var/log/syslog"

# go to wherever you were before
alias b="cd ${OLDPWD}"

# go to a directory and view it
c () {
   if [ "x${1}" = "x" ]
      cd "${1}"

   ls -F --color=auto

# display a bunch of images.
d () {
   if [ "x${1}" = "x" ]
      display *.jpg *.png
      display "${1}"

# edit a script
vs () {
   vim `which "${1}"`

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