[clug] unionfs on Centos/RHEL 5.2

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun Nov 16 12:42:46 GMT 2008

I found 'squashfs' for Centos 5.2, but I was hoping to get 'unionfs'
going as well.

Found the project website:

but can't find a single 'tar.gz' that contains the source.
Downloaded a 'diff' file, but couldn't figure either which one I needed
or how to actually apply it. "diff --git" ???

I'd love to be using Debian - comes with unionfs - but can't for this work.

Don't really want to use fuse/fuse-unionfs.

Any know how I can go forward?
 - Find the source for loadable kernel modules & tools, or
 - a way to convert a '.deb' to an '.rpm', modulo the libraries.


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