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Ian darkstarsword at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 14:55:51 GMT 2008

Thanks Alex for bringing this to my attention - I was aware of it's
existance, but hadn't realised that Ubuntu now supports it out of the
box (and my debian systems only took me a quick 'aptitude install
avahi-daemon' and cursing the random dependency on X11 libraries via


>> server_mdns_ports="UDB/5353"
>> client_mdns_ports="default"
>> ...
>> interface any world
>>    ...
>>    server mdns accept
>>    ...
>>    client all accept

For those of us who don't use 'client all accept' in our firewall (for
one of a great variety of fun an entertaining reasons - in my case
it's because I want my firewall to REJECT packets that would just get
lost in a data accounting server anyway, but you can imagine this
would be common for a corporate firewall):

interface any world src not "$RESERVED_IPS"
  server mdns accept
  client mdns accept

For anyone wondering what RESERVED_IPS is doing - it's a list of IP
ranges marked as reserved by IANA and nothing good should be there
(yet). PRIVATE_IPS should be fairly obvious (private and test ranges),
and UNROUTABLE_IPS is a superset of the previous - a good one to use
on an interface directly connected to the internet.


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