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Thu Nov 13 06:05:58 GMT 2008

For the record, so do Westpac. I haven't bought one, but considering
that they're designed to be given as gifts, the identity of the person
purchasing them would not be terribly useful, and asking the purchaser
to provide lengthy details of the recipient would be onerous and
possibly breach privacy laws.


2008/11/13 Neill Cox <neill.cox at ingenious.com.au>:
> The NAB at least sell pre-paid credit cards and when I bought one they
> didn't ask for ID.
> In the US you can buy prepaid credit cards, which are a lot like this. Note
>> that you still need to provide ID to the credit card company (IIRC).
>>  Paypal sort of goes some of the way, but I still need to get credit
>>> into it somehow and it again uses a single identity for all purchases.
>>> I suspect that credit card purchasing online is a "good-thing" as far
>>> as law-enforcement may be concerned, but there are clear civil-liberty
>>> issues involved.
>>> Maybe Google can come up with something?
>> Well, Google Checkout is pretty close. Only Google has your credit card
>> details, and you don't need to even give the vendor your email address
>> (Google will proxy that traffic and stop it if you wish).
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