[clug] The 1st Internet Tax is here.

Neill Cox neill.cox at ingenious.com.au
Thu Nov 13 05:55:45 GMT 2008

The NAB at least sell pre-paid credit cards and when I bought one they
didn't ask for ID.

In the US you can buy prepaid credit cards, which are a lot like this. Note
> that you still need to provide ID to the credit card company (IIRC).
>  Paypal sort of goes some of the way, but I still need to get credit
>> into it somehow and it again uses a single identity for all purchases.
>> I suspect that credit card purchasing online is a "good-thing" as far
>> as law-enforcement may be concerned, but there are clear civil-liberty
>> issues involved.
>> Maybe Google can come up with something?
> Well, Google Checkout is pretty close. Only Google has your credit card
> details, and you don't need to even give the vendor your email address
> (Google will proxy that traffic and stop it if you wish).
> Mikal
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