[clug] The 1st Internet Tax is here.

Peter Barker pbarker at barker.dropbear.id.au
Wed Nov 12 22:46:35 GMT 2008

On Thu, 13 Nov 2008, Michael Cohen wrote:

> The PCI standard came up as a response to this - and its going to get

Thanks for the background; I hadn't heard a lot of that before.

Some random thoughts:
  - if you *only* use third-party transactions (such as offered by MIGS), 
there shouldn't be any need to "certify".  I wonder if that is the case.
  - this doesn't bode well for Open Source CC transaction engines
  - there's always PayPal (insert standard PayPal flames here, thanks)
  - I wonder why noone's running "paywow.com" - where payments are made in 
WoW gold ;)

> Its a necessary evil. You can see it from the banks point of view too
> and some minimum standards need to be enforced. I believe there is a
> self assessment mechanism though in the states where you can assess

Not just in the US.  I have a self-assessment document lying around here 

> Michael.

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