[clug] ubuntu or fedora for mythTV

Ian Bardsley ifb777 at tpg.com.au
Tue Nov 11 09:19:06 GMT 2008

G'Day Paul

Whilst I have no practical experience with Myth on Fedora/Red Hat based 
distros, I can vouch for Mythbuntu as a tool to enable getting Myth up 
and running with the minimum of fuss.

I have now done 5 installs using this tool and have found it to be 
pretty solid with regard to getting everything set up for a functional 
Myth Box as it manages add on packages, users and permissions very well. 
My last install, a frontend/backend set up took just on 40 minutes to 
install the operating system and Myth, configure the backend and 
frontend and install the shepherd scripts and a further 25 minutes or so 
to populate the programme guide. A sharp contrast to my first ever 
attempt at getting Myth running.

Mythbuntu is not perfect in it's execution particularly for Australian 
conditions (very USA centric) but a combination of Mythbuntu and 
Shepherd certainly makes it easy to create a media centre. An additional 
benefit is the "Weekly Builds" repo if you like to stay at the bleeding 
edge of Myth development.

I guess the easiest way to compare is to drop a copy onto a PC with a TV 
card in it and evaluate the functionality in comparison to what you are 
used to.



Paul wrote:
> I have used Fedora or Red hat for the last 5 years , but just wanted 
> to know if there is a compelling reason to recommend Ubuntu as a 
> platform for MythTV verse Fedora .
> ie what are the pros and cons, I assume it might come down to release 
> schedule or support etc..
> Paul


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