[clug] Artist Colonies: Why "Coder Colonies?"

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Mon Nov 10 23:02:19 GMT 2008

Paul Wayper wrote:

> What I'd like to propose is that, for the December Programming SIG 
> meeting, we
> try this format - that'll be on Thursday 11th December.  If Bob is 
> amenable,
> we'll run it at ANU room N101 from 7PM until 9:30PM.  Bring along your
> computers and we'll all get stuck into some coding, with a pizza break 
> in the
> middle.

I'm certainly amenable. Really amenable. My amenableness is bordering on

Sounds like Dec. 11th? I'll book us in.

> What I'd like to hear is ideas for how to make it as productive as 
> possible.
> I know I was talking to one guy at the last PSIG meeting about a coding 
> camp
> he went to, and Tridge mentioned that he'd been to a code crunch for 
> SaMBa -
> any tips that we should use to get it all happening?  My thought was to 
> put up
> some boxes on the whiteboard with various languages and projects, and 
> people
> could put their names down if they were programming in those - that way 
> if you
> need help on something you have a list of names to ask.

I previously came up with an idea to hack on SSH a bit. I am still keen
to see some finer-grain control in the SSH daemon for deny/allowing
particular authentication mechanisms based on username and originating

I have also been looking into hacking on the dumpcap code in wireshark
to allow remote, authenticated packet captures over SSH. I have had a
bit of an e-mail exchange with Ronnie Sahlberg about this and he is
quite interested in the idea and has given me some pointers to pursue.

There's some ideas from me. But I'll hack on most anything...

Bob Edwards.

> Thoughts?
> Paul
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