[clug] Artist Colonies: Why "Coder Colonies?"

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Mon Nov 10 20:58:39 GMT 2008

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steve jenkin wrote:
| There was a TV item today that mentioned "the artist colony at Hull of
| marine artists..."
| I thought, Why don't we have "Coder Colonies" like this?
| It is just as 'creative'...
| Any ideas on what it would cost to setup something minimal?
| With an MLA on the list, we might be able to get some sort of proposal
| together for funding.
| I hear there are a number of empty schools around *and* I believe all
| ACT Govt. premises were connected with fibre some years ago. [Anyone
| confirm?]

Do we need to have a permanent location?

Over the last couple of months I've been increasingly interested in having a
'hackfest' or 'coding camp', where coders get together in one location and
hack on stuff together.  One idea is to all work on one project - a 'code
crunch' - but another is to just get everyone interested in writing code
together and see what you can get done.  The idea of having a bunch of people
around that can really understand what coolness you've done, and can help you
out when you get stuck, is very attractive.

What I'd like to propose is that, for the December Programming SIG meeting, we
try this format - that'll be on Thursday 11th December.  If Bob is amenable,
we'll run it at ANU room N101 from 7PM until 9:30PM.  Bring along your
computers and we'll all get stuck into some coding, with a pizza break in the

What I'd like to hear is ideas for how to make it as productive as possible.
I know I was talking to one guy at the last PSIG meeting about a coding camp
he went to, and Tridge mentioned that he'd been to a code crunch for SaMBa -
any tips that we should use to get it all happening?  My thought was to put up
some boxes on the whiteboard with various languages and projects, and people
could put their names down if they were programming in those - that way if you
need help on something you have a list of names to ask.


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