[clug] Remember this?

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Sun Nov 9 21:58:40 GMT 2008

On 08/11/2008, at 15:14 , Michael Cohen wrote:

> Alt tab is more useful since you can see the contents of each
> window you tab through in real time (dont need to read title texts).
> Most important to me is that compiz is still designed to be driven

Can anyone tell me how to modify the behaviour of that bar so that the  
list of windows is static, rather than having "next/current/previous"  
displayed? I find it confusing to only see three windows at once. Even  
worse, when I only have two windows open, Alt+Tab shows me three  
windows - one window being repeated as "next" and "previous", which  
confuses me even more.

But you know the story - 10 different people, 11 different opinions...

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