[clug] uPnP servers for linux

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Sun Nov 9 21:49:15 GMT 2008

On 09/11/2008, at 17:16 , Michael Still wrote:

> No, and in fact the jerkiness is intermittent (it seems worse if the  
> Mac has been booted for a while).

What format are the movies? Playing WMV files with the Microsoft- 
supplied Windows Media player is a losing position since that piece of  
software is seven shades of useless. The latest version from Microsoft  
is a PPC-only program, which has to be run in emulation on an Intel- 
based Mac. WMP is slow enough on a PPC based Mac as it is =(

The fact that the movie doesn't play smoothly when downloaded to the  
local drive would lead me to think that it's the movie player that's  
the problem (that, or you have other tasks chewing up processor time/ 
disk IO time).

For WMV files on a Mac, use Flip4Mac or VLC.

Or just do what I do and acknowledge the Truth that no content of  
value has ever come wrapped in a WMV file. Then put a filter on your  
email to automatically delete any WMV files that come through. I'm not  
aware of any FOSS capable of transcoding WMV to Quicktime.


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