[clug] Remember this?

Steve McInerney steve at stedee.id.au
Sun Nov 9 06:13:17 GMT 2008

on 09/11/08 13:45 Daniel Pittman said the following:
> colour inversion effect were all present, tested and effective.

Just found the colour inversion (negative) feature this morning, via a
completely unrelated path.


Super-N, and otherwise unreadable webpages become readable. No more ^C-a to
select everything and vaguely make a page readable.

The other feature I find most useful in the compiz plugin set is the
re-scaling effect, or 'Shelf' plugin. Have been missing this feature (or
unable to find...) since 1990. Being able to trivially resize a window and
have it's contents resize to scale with the external resizing.
Marvellous for simple monitoring of "things happening" on an x-term of some
sort - especially if coupled with a simple colouring effect.

If this is useless eyecandy? Gimme more. :-)

- Steve

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