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> Every now and again you stumble across something that makes you sad..
> http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=IRmaZp6hTUs
> -c

I don't usually respond to this list - at nearly 84 I am too old for it.  But 
I did look at your email and the YouTube demo.  Whilst personally I mostly 
use computers for traditional computing ,  I also corespond, play chess, look 
at the news "on" computer.  All activities that are outside "computing".

I think I am old enough to respond to the adverse comments, which are probably 
to some degree responsible for you and Matt letting the fine project go.  

You have done a remarkable job and I do hope you do revive that project.  The 
GNU/Linux community needs more users.   You seem to have a good grasp of what 
might be attractive to the "Great Unwashed" and the need of attracting them.

Keep at it and best luck!


Dr Algis Kabaila (PhD Eng)

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