[clug] lytex to MS word

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Fri Nov 7 00:31:37 GMT 2008

jm wrote:
> Does anyone have a script or can point me something to convert a lytex
> document written in Lyx into a Microsloth Word format?
> I have my resume in Lyx as it's straight forward to maintain and has
> version control. The trouble is that the recruiting firm keep asking
> for doc format and dislike accepting pdfs as there databases are very
> MS centric. I don't know if it's just me but I occasionally also get
> the feeling that some potential employers use the "prettiness" of the
> resume as the first filter.
> Any recommendations welcome.
Back when I was applying for jobs I used to play a few silly games to
get this done.

I manually created an open document document with the two pages of the
resume as images on two open document pages.
Open document documents are zip files with a fairly simple tree.  So
when I changed the resume I would regenerate the open document document
by unzipping it, generating the document images, moving the new images
in place of the old ones and zipping it back up.
Then I would convert the open document into word, I never figured out
how to automate this step.

I'm sure some people are cringing fairly hard by now.  It's not an
optimal solution but it's actually fairly simple.

This means that the recruiters get their .doc, very useful for agencies
which use an online form or refuse to accept .pdf because they contain
viruses (.doc is fine).  It doesn't look like a word document, I
considered this to be a good thing.  It also won't be searchable if they
use some database system to search through the word documents.

I've attached the Makefile that I used, I can see a bunch of areas I'd
improve it now but it's easy to read and understand.

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# Semi-generic latex makefile
# By David Tulloh

SUB_DOCS= $(wildcard *.tex)
IMAGES= $(wildcard images/*.eps)

all: cv.pdf

	mv cv.pdf "david tulloh - cv.pdf"

################### Below This line is generic (ish) ###################

.PHONY: all view clean clobber final

view: all
	gv $(DOCNAME).ps


	rm -f *.aux $(DOCNAME).dvi $(DOCNAME).log

clobber: clean
	rm -f $(DOCNAME).ps $(DOCNAME).pdf

%.tar.gz: %.tex $(IMAGES) #doesn't quite work right yet...
	tar czvf $@ $^

%.dvi: %.tex
	latex $<
	latex $<

%.ps: %.dvi
	dvips $< -o $@

%.pdf: %.ps
	ps2pdf $< $@

# Actually wrong, cv.png is never created
%.png: %.ps
	pstoimg -type png -transparent -multipage $<

cv.sxw: cv.png template.sxw
	mkdir Pictures || true # Always pass, even when we fail
	mv cv?.png Pictures/
	cp template.sxw cv.sxw
	zip -f -m cv.sxw Pictures/cv1.png Pictures/cv2.png
	rmdir Pictures

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