[clug] retail software

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Wed Nov 5 00:23:09 GMT 2008

David Cottrill wrote:
>>> What I've been wondering is: how many of you would be willing to install
>>> such things.
>> I might if:
>>   * I could "apt-get install" it (from a separate repo is fine).
>>   * If the license was "right".  ie: I want to be able to use it on
>> my XP/Mac/Ubuntu machines all at once.
>>   * If I could "test-drive" it.
Seconding being able to apt-get install it from a repository or just
downloadable .debs.

I've learnt the hard way why dependency hell is so named and won't
install anything onto a system without going through the package
manager.  If I have to I'll roll my own package but it's annoying and
would turn off anyone looking for a simpler solution than writing a
small bash script.

I assume that you would have to roll and test them for Debian, Ubuntu,
Redhat, Suse and any other major distribution out there.  They have to
be kept updated too, whenever the distro rolls a new stable version.

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