[clug] linux diskless low power workstations

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sun Nov 2 01:45:46 GMT 2008

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Tomasz Ciolek wrote:
| Hi all
| does anyone have any information on systems suitable for acting as low
| power diskless workstations? What I am hunting for is specs, proces,
| who to buy
| +them from, etc...
| Intended use: povide a Web-application/web-browsing kiosk
| Typical requirements:
| 10/100/1000 copper NIC (10/100 a must)
| PXE boot
| Graphics that can run X out of the box, VGA out (single or dual)
| USB (with at least some ports accessible on the fron of the machine)
| any information on suitable devices would be very helpful.

I use fanless Via EPIA boards for this purpose.  X support is good through the
OpenChrome project.  Some have gigabit cards, all have 100baseT; all have some
sort of USB port header on-board to take out to your front panel.

I'm used to the standard Mini-ITX format, which has standard PATA (and some
with SATA) headers, and therefore it's necessary to buy a CF/IDE adapter to
plug a CompactFlash card in, or a flash module that provides a standard PATA
header to plug straight into the connector on-board.  I believe some of the
Nano and Pico format boards have CF/IDE boards built in.

If you were after a board that was more suitable to routing, the people at
Yawarra (http://www.yawarra.com.au) have the Eber 210 or 230, which have VGA
and take CF or Microdrives.  Their chief feature is four ethernet ports per
board, and mini-PCI slots for crypto or wifi cards.

Hope this helps,

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