[clug] Help with bash script

Alastair D'Silva alastair at newmillennium.net.au
Sat Nov 1 08:34:44 GMT 2008

> Well one thing to do as a start is this: (to take care of spaces).
>   mv "${file}" ${i}

Not quite everything you need . . . the for loop will still get tripped up
on spaces. Shell expansion will expand the wildcard into a space separated
list of files, which for will then split on spaces.

Instead of the for loop, you want to use:
find -exec <script>
This will pass the filename as the first parameter to the script, which can
then track state itself by storing it in an additional file.


find -print0 | xargs -0 -n 10 <script> (GNU find & xargs only)
This will pass in 10 files at a time as parameters to the script.

Of course, within the script, you should enclose the variables in double
quotes as above.

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